ZionTech Solutions develops products designed to deliver exactly what customers need. These patent pending applications are being built to bridge the gap between various popular IT software solutions and project management processes, and will help organizations to perform day-to-day operations quickly and easily.

We offer the following services:

OneTeam is a cloud-based, dynamic work management platform. It aims to deliver value to its business users by providing an end-to-end workflow management and collaboration system. This innovative approach provides a unified work platform solution for businesses that use multiple, disparate media for managing communication with clients and colleagues.

OneTeam currently:

  • Helps users with corporate management by making rich back-and-forth communication simple—all within one platform
  • Offers a customizable, interactive system where work, projects, resources, tasks, and many other aspects of a business can be planned, monitored, and managed
  • Makes work processes efficient and organized, improving business practices and providing better visibility of progress and accomplishments
  • Provides customized workspaces with pluggable applications that address specific business needs
  • Supports effective collaboration using an easy-to-use social platform and helps to get rid of long email chains and document clutter
  • Provides current activity status tracker, audit, reporting, and certification functionality for both real time and historic offline data
  • Enables any organization to modify and create applications to fit their requirements quickly and easily
  • Provides specialized applications in the areas of project management, remote consulting services, construction management, and hospital management; additional industry-specific solutions are easy to build, and applications in the application center are easy to customize using the customization and extensibility framework that is designed into the product
  • Helps managers channel the communication with the team and senior management
  • Allows for efficiency and effectiveness in terms of managing resources, managing time, tracking budgets, and monitoring project/work progress in real time
  • Promotes traceability and control so timely decisions can be made to avoid costly delays and scheduling issues, which, in turn, improve customer service and business development
  • Captures matrices and generates reports for continuous improvement as part of ongoing collaboration amongst users
  • Provides a sophisticated, role-based administration model that allows users from various parts of the organization to interact with their intended audience, particularly staff with the appropriate level of access; this allows maximum visibility while ensuring that the respective users can only have access to the information they are authorized to see


OneTeam is not just a work management platform. It has user-friendly design to suit all work types. Its contemporary structure, which is weaved around the concept of social collaboration, makes it suitable for a variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, telecom, and financial services.

IAM Tool Kit helps customer to deploy identity and access management (IAM) products for faster, smoother migrations and better operations to support the products. Our unified GUI helps administer an entire suite of IAM products from one console.
• Deployment Tools: These tools, built using scripts and Java programs, will help to achieve a faster and error-free deployment . In general, they will reduce time spent in implementation.
• Migration Tools: These migration tools simplify the product and upgrade the process. The built-in sanity checks ensure that all data is properly migrated to the new servers.
• Operations Tools: Customers often face lot of challenges in the post-production stage. Some popular solutions come with multiple out-of-the-box GUIs. This causes some confusion about where to go when configuring, and also takes some time to perform a simple task like enabling debug logging. Our operational tools include Unified GUI and a web-based LDAP manager.
• Unified GUI: Unified GUI is a one-stop platform to perform any common post-production tasks. It Integrates features available from different consoles of enterprise applications so they are easily accessible from a single place.
• Web-based LDAP Manager: This web application provides a simple interface that allows common operations related to user entries easier. It can easily adapt to the custom schema of your corporate directory and comes with easily configurable templates.

ZionTech Solutions Cloud Services is a suite of applications used internally as well as with customers for providing consulting services.
The support tool is a shared application with our customers, through which we keep track of development work, deployments, and any technical support. ZionTech Solutions provides these services via request-based, month-to-month, and annual subscriptions. This application enables our clients to experience rapid and shared deployments for the least possible cost.