ZionTech Solutions Inc. was established in 2008 by a team of security experts whose objective is to become a leading end-to-end Systems Integrator focusing on Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies. We implement solutions offered by leading IAM vendors.

We offer the following services:

Security is an ever growing concern for everyone from individuals to governments. Identity and Access Management (IAM) are key components in enabling Security in an Enterprise and ensuring that Regulatory and Compliance requirements can be met. When you add in emerging trends like the cloud, mobility, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). the successful implementation of an IAM program becomes even more challenging. The addition of Social Identities and the explosion of devices  that will be Internet Enabled (Internet of things or IoT) will introduce an added layer of complexity as organizations build comprehensive IAM programs

ZionTech provides very flexible, business and technology consulting in the IAM domain. Our strategic services address many key areas and cover the entire Identity program, from strategy consulting to running an Identity Management system.

Assess existing IAM Program and Systems

Our seasoned experts will help you evaluate your current IT security model and identify the risks that need to be addressed.

Compare with established Standards and Frameworks

Based on our analysis, we will present you with the recommended next steps and a road map for proper IAM deployment.

Assess Gaps in existing Program

ZionTech understands the value of your investment. Our initiatives and approaches always align with your business goals.

Develop a plan for addressing gaps

Having a potential strategy is key to efficiently achieving goals. Our proposals do exactly that. Contact us today for more information!

A well Architected IAM system is critical to program success, as it influences performance, scalability, and system maintainability. Our Architects bring broad based expertise from having delivered multiple implementations. This expertise spans  the entire IAM stack and includes  applications and systems in scope.


We initiate our architecture design process by collecting and gathering information about existing implementation(s) and goals for the IAM solution being implemented.


After gathering all the required information, our Architects assess the fit and identify gaps against the proposed implementation.


The next step involves creation of alternative Architectural options to leverage existing investments and meet IAM program needs. This phase may involve creating an Architectural prototype.


During the final phase, we refine the Architectural prototype to meet your business needs and align with your business goals. In this phase, use cases are verified and refined, and risk and impact assessment is conducted. The deliverable from this phase is an Architecture document that supports the implementation of the IAM Program requirements.

Technology, especially in the IAM space, is critical to  a company’s security posture, so it should be reviewed routinely to ensure that it is performing as expected and that there are no vulnerabilities or bottlenecks that have crept in over the course of time.

Our experts  perform this Assessment  following an established methodology to evaluate the health of existing IAM implementations. The output of this phase is a report that outlines  the shortcomings of existing implementations and recommendations to address shortcomings. 

Health Check

We evaluate the current implementation  using a variety of techniques, including our in-house built tools. Interviews with key IAM stakeholders are also conducted.

Identify Technical as well as Operations (Personnel and Procedures) related shortcomings and classify the criticality of identified shortcomings.

Generate Reports

Produce a report and a PowerPoint presentation of findings

Identify Gaps with Goals

Develop a plan for implementing shortcomings identified in the HelathCheck.

Build Strategy to Bridge Gaps

 Technology implementations in an Enterprise usually have an impact on users. This is even more true of IAM implementations. Organizations that partner with ZionTech will benefit from minimal impact to users as we leverage our Business and Technical expertise to implement solutions thereby allowing users to focus on business and business goals. 

Implementing technologies can be a challenging task, depending on the sophistication level of the solutions. Solutions such as IAM affect users throughout organizations and are thus considered sophisticated.
ZionTech is expert in implementing IAM solutions. Organizations that partner with us realize the above-mentioned benefits because of our focus on users and business goals throughout the engagement.

The Plan

The first and the most important step in the process of implementing a solution is a project plan. The planning phase begins with understanding the business and technical goals of the project.

Build and Deploy

Once a plan is in place, the system  development is initiated based on previously developed architecture and design artifacts. This is an iterative process that often requires reconfiguring components and revising their design.

Integrate and Test

In this phase, several types of testing are done to ensure that the system is performing to specifications. This includes unit testing, integration testing, performance testing, end user testing etc

Documentation and Knowledge Transfer

Documentation of the work done is delivered in this phase. Documentation can include Installation guides, Operation guides, Architecture and Design documents and in amy cases end user documentation.

ZionTech offers support for solutions implemented by us beyond the warranty period. This support can take the form of break-fix support, periodic review and assessment of operational systems and operations support.

Remote Support

Our remote operations support model, complemented with our MicroView product, provides expert services when required or can take over complete ownership of operations/production support based on your business goals.

On-Demand Support

In addition to operations/production support we offer ad-hoc, on-demand support to assist you in addressing ongoing enhancement of your implementation. Demand the support you need, when you need it!


We offer both on-site and remote corporate training on IAM technologies. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

In a fast-changing IT environment, all products, especially those from Oracle, are constantly being updated. The latest versions usually have enhanced as well as new features. Our team and services can help you with a migration or an upgrade.

Migration Plans and Designs

Having a plan and a design is most important when migrating from, for example, Sun OpenSSO to Oracle Access Manager. ZionTech has extensive experience in devising an effective plan to suit an organization’s business needs and goals.

Migration Process

The migration process should not interrupt your daily business flow. Today’s enterprises require a strategy to perform a smooth migration without any impact on business.

Product Upgrades

ZionTech can help you with upgrades to a more stable release.

Product Enhancements

Let us help you leverage the maximum potential of your product.