ZionTech Solutions Inc. was established in 2008 by a team of security experts with an objective of becoming a leading end-to-end systems integrator focusing on Identity and Access Management technologies.,We implement solutions offered by all leading vendors, including Oracle, Ping Identity, Forge Rock, Okta and etc.

Strategic Services

Evaluate and Identify

Our seasoned experts will help you evaluate your current IT security model, and identify the risks that needs to be addressed.

Present and Educate

Based on the analysis, our team would will present you the next steps and a roadmap for a proper IAM deployment.

Goals and Approach

We understand value of your investment. Our initiatives and approaches align with your business goals.


Potential strategies are key to efficiently achieve goals. Our proposals does that. Contact us today!

Architecture Services


Our architecture designing process is initiated by collecting and gathering all information required for an efficient IAM architecture design .


A basic architectural framework is created elaborating the desired system components, data and workflows.


After gathering all required information, our experts carefully analyze it and structure it into elemental components and flow of control.


The architectural prototype is further evaluated and refined to suit business needs and align with business goals. In this phase, use cases are verified and refined, and risk and impact assessment is conducted. Based on these evaluation results, all components are provided grass-root definitions and refined well enough to make sure architectural and functional objectives have been met.

Assessment Services

Health Check

Current infrastructure performance levels are determined using a variety of techniques.

Generate Reports

Reveal shortcomings of existing infrastructure and operations, and suggest strategy to achieve desired performance levels.

Identify Gaps with Goals

After thoroughly assessing the current and desired performance levels, the gap between current and target states is carefully analyzed. Based on the defined business goals and current performance levels, feasibility of the desired performance levels is determined. The defined target state is reviewed and suitably refined.

Build Strategy to Bridge Gaps

All previously gathered information and analysis is processed and carefully assessed to build a sound strategy and road map for achieving desired performance levels.

Implementation Services


The first and the most important step in the process of implementing the solution, planning phase begins with understanding business goals of the project.

Build and Deploy

After the groundwork has been laid, development of system is initiated. In this phase, new components for the defined business processes are created. This is an iterative process that often requires reconfiguring the created components and revising their design.

Integrate and Test

A variety of tests are performed on the configured components to ensure proper functioning of components.

Document and Knowledge Transfer

Users of client organization should understand how the newly built system works. So, one of the important objectives of this phase is to train system and functional administrators on the new system to ensure mass user-adoption.


Remote Support

Are you worried about Post Production support and maintenance? Hiring a full time person just to monitor isn’t an option? Our remote support odel complemented with MicroView provide expert services when required or can take over complete ownership of operations/production support based on your business goals.

On Demand Support

Sometimes even after a perfect training, inhouse administrators find it difficult to resolve an issue. It needs eyes of our experts who might have seen a similar scenario before. Demand the support that you need, when you need.

Strategic Support

In a world of security vulnerabilities, it is important for IAM stack to be up and running with latest patches. We will inform you and help always to stay update.


We offer both onsite and remote corporate training on IAM technologies. Contact us today with your need.

Migration and Upgrade

Migration Plans and Design

Plan and design are most important when migrating from say for example Sun OpenSSO to Oracle Access Manager. We know how to come with an effective plan because we have did that already.

Migration Process

The migration process should not stop daily business. A strategy is required to perform a smooth migration without any impact on business.

Product Upgrades

Upgrade to more stable release.

Product Enhancements

Leverage the maximum potential of your product.